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At Connect Shareholder Services, we assist our clients with the many challenges of abandoned property. We are a team of experienced industry professionals who specialize in assisting owners in claiming their unclaimed property.

We can provide the following types of services:

Asset Rescue for Corporate Actions

Designed to help companies that have gone through a corporate action, like a merger or acquisition. Following any corporate action, there are always shareholders who do not exchange their stock certificates for the new asset due.

Asset Rescue for Mutual Funds

Designed to help mutual fund companies with the research and mailings required to comply with SEC Rule 17Ad-17.

Asset Rescue for Insurance

Designed to help insurance companies identify deceased policyholders and find potential beneficiaries.

Oddlot Programs

Designed to help companies reduce the costs of servicing shareholders with fewer than 100 shares of stock. Oddlot Programs also provide a valuable service to shareholders, as it gives them an opportunity to transact their shares without incurring disproportionately high brokerage fees.